Monday, October 27th, 2008

Jeff Abbott: In Praise of Clairefontaine Notebooks




Fear and panic are probably two of the most dreaded words that aptly capture the mood of the economy nowadays (although not us, because we’re always positively positive with a healthy grasp of reality). Our version of Fear and Panic, are of the literary kind, authored by best-selling story-teller Jeff Abbott. Jeff’s novels have been called “exciting, shrewd, and beautifully crafted” by the Chicago Tribune, “fresh, original… intricately woven” by Publishers Weekly. Jeff turned out to be a fan of Clairefontaine, the mother company of Rhodia. In his blog recently, he wrote:

I’ve used a variety of notebooks over the years, from a super-cheap composition notebook to more expensive varieties, and now I am wedded to the Clairefontaine nootebooks. 

Clairefontaine is the only notebook company that makes its own paper. 

Link via Jeff Abbott


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