Friday, October 10th, 2008

Flickr Friday: Dibujo de Saltillo



We use our Rhodia pads for different reasons. Some use it to jot down recipes, while others it as a flip book. As a journalist, your Rhodia Driver us it to take down notes. Still others use it as a medium to express their artistic imagination or simply to write graphic notes, like our buddy Vayhu from Saltillo, Mexico. The funny thing is, Vayhu was doing this while in his class. As a student who sometimes feel like being stuck in a boring lecture, we can totally relate to his sentiments. A visit to Vayhu’s Flickr collection would reveal his rather eclectic taste, as well as his interests. So check it out guys and gals!

Flickr Photos via Vayhu


Your Rhodia Driver is such big fan of the Nobel Prize. Not that we have any hope of winning a prize in chemistry or physics. Truth be told, we’re far from being “scientific” if you can use that term. But we’re fascinated by it, and totally impressed with those geeky professors. We think they’re totally cool! This year, two of those super smart guys are from our neck of the woods in Chicago. The first one is from the venerable University of Chicago, 87-year old professor in physics Yoichiro Nambu. According to a Chicago Tribune news item, Nambu was cited for his discovery of “a subatomic principle called spontaneous broken symmetry, which among other things explained why some particles are far lighter than others.” Speaking of the University of Chicago, did you know that so far it has produced as many as 87 Nobel Prize winners? Amazing right?

Even closer at home here in Skokie, an old resident who is now a professor at Columbia University in New York won the prize in the field of chemistry. Martin Chalfie, who grew up in Chicago and moved to Skokie at the age of 8, with his family, went to high school at the defunct Niles East, which is now home to Oakton Community College, where your Rhodia Driver is taking some classes while processing his grad school application. His the second Niles East alumnus, after MIT’s Robert Horvitz, to win the prize. We wonder, is there something about the water in Skokie? Have a great weekend everyone!

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