Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Flickr Friday: Eslite



Your Rhodia driver is becoming more and more of a Francophile every day.  And not just because he’s taking French class at a local college. Or his longing to visit Paris and come face-to-face with Mona Lisa at The Louvre. Or his fascination with Sarkozy. It’s because every day, he is growing more and more enamored with the orange notebook. So when he noticed this picture of a collectible Rhodia with the heading, La Vie En Bloc, he’s transfixed. He’s wondering how many out there still own collectible Rhodia pieces?  He’d really like to know…


The same flickrite also captured the next display featuring the Paul Smith collection, which included a really nice-looking towel. One wonders if that Paul Smith towel is up for sale? That would be really neat. For now, au revoir!

Flickr Photo by Eslite

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