Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Rhodia at the D.C. Pen Show



A couple of weeks back, Washington D.C. welcomed pen collectors and notebook enthusiast for its annual pen show. Of course, Rhodia was there together with our friends from The Daily Planner owned by Howard (pictured here with   Pam Wiliams, Rhodia’s customer service whiz from NYC). Tagging along with us were Pendemonium‘s Sam and Frank Fiorella, whom we first met and interviewed during the Chicago Pen Show last Spring. You guys have some more pictures to share with us from the event? Please feel free to send it our way. Speaking of pen shows, we found out from The London Pen Club, oddly from Ontario, Canada a list of upcoming events. So check it out, we might bump into you guys in one of those shows. Have a great week everyone!

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