Monday, September 8th, 2008

New York mag hearts Rhodia



Oh my Rhodia! What do you know? Our orange notebook that can is on the September 1 edition of the New York Magazine! We’re blushing with excitement after receiving the tip. What’s even more titillating is that we’re not just in any issue. We’re in the 2008 Fall Preview issue. That’s whoa to the nth power! Apparently, an insider of the highly-revered publication is a fan of Rhodia notebooks. We should give that insider a huge hug. So check out New York Mag’s shopping section. Better still, grab a copy, if there’s still one left. You can also read it here. For those who haven’t seen that really ingenuous mouse pad, which also doubles as a writing pad, it looks like this:


Now, you can actually get this hot item for FREE! Check out our previous entry. BTW, the cover image of New York Magazine is courtesy of Gluekit. Have a great week ahead everyone! Indeed, it’s a great start of the week!

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