Monday, September 1st, 2008

The body as an art canvas



A few months back, your Rhodia driver found this site by award-winning writer, Wilfredo Pascual, while searching stories about diaries and private notebooks. Scouring the vast online terrain, we stumble on Pascual’s excellent essay entitled, ‘”How “sincere” is a private notebook? how “true” is a confession? how “historical” is a memory?” In it, the writer expounds on the life and works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. As cerebral as the essay may be, what struck us more about the blog is much earlier entry about body art. While others are content on making art on paper, others have chosen their own body to achieve their artistic purpose. We’re not going to show you the result of that experience by the author, but we will let you read about his explanation. In this equally enthralling piece, he would relate how he dealt with pain by listening to Byzantine music, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman in his iPod. Would you do the same? Read on here.

Via Secret Gospels, Sacred Sites

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