Monday, August 11th, 2008






“We eat good food and listen to great music” is the tagline of the blog, The Food and Music Club. This thoroughly appetizing and truly entertaining nook in the Internet ether, first started in July 2005 with musings about Godiva chocolates, raspberries and world music. It was followed by an entry on a NYT-inspired egg salad and cream cheese pie, paired by the music “Sex Machine” by Konishi Yasuharua and “I’m Not a Know It All” by Clammbon. By July 2008, it would retain it’s charm with thoughts about ramen fix at a Japanese restaurant and churros. But there’s more. Our author also indulges in fashion and good taste. Last year, we also learned of her love for Rhodia notebooks. We can guarantee you that you’ll find it hard not to get hungry after checking out the site. So go ahead…

All photos and links via Food and Music Club.

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