Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Birds Of A Feather (Flock Together)




If you are an Avian enthusiast, you’ll find comfort and satisfaction, in discovering this bird-centric blog, Bird by Bird. We were actually reading a separate, but related site, Feathers of Hope, a Rhodia notebook-using geographer from the Bay Area, when we were led to this site. It’s a beautiful upshot of the author’s evident love of sketching and her involvement of The Big Green Big Year. So far, Pica has created 700 or so images. Instead of taking photos of her bird-sightings, she has resorted to sketching them, thus making use of her fine skills. Of her passion, she writes:

“Sketching birds makes you look at the bird hard. If you look hard enough, it makes the bird part of your psyche. This takes your head to a different place, one that is unfettered by obligations. I’m not particularly good, but I hope to get better. You do it enough, it gets easier. You see more.”

Via Bird by Bird

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