Monday, July 14th, 2008

Customizing Rhodia Notebooks at Etchstar






Don’t just improvise, customize. That seems to be the prevailing message behind Etchstar, a creative website, which specializes in customizing your favorite personal items, such as your iPhone, your laptop, and why not, your Rhodia notebook! No less than Ben Katz sent us these really cool and exciting sample photos to show us how he can transform your Rhodia collectible into a truly personalized and prized L’Objet D’Art. And we’re not exaggerating here. This is the real deal. This Wharton grad is a graphic design specialist-cum-entrepreneur and Hollywood producer. So Etchstar‘s work is a sure bet. It so happens that Ben’s a Rhodia fan, so the orange notebook is close to his heart. Etchstar has literally thousands of designs, so you guys wont be stuck with a smiley, even if you want Sting. Not that there’s anything wrong with a smiley. :) Other samples include Warhol, Marilyn Monroe and Pink Floyd among others. To see some other super-cool designs, check out the Etchstar’s Flickr page or the blog, and see for yourself! One of our favorites is Gian Altomari‘s customized MacBook pro, because we’re also a MacBook owner. Now, we’re green with envy.

Via Ben Katz of Etchstar.

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