Monday, June 30th, 2008

Rhodia and Football



Today, allow us to be swept by the football fever that gripped Spain. Save for our participation in last year’s Chicago Marathon and swimming in college, we’re not really that sporty. But, we’re also a news junkie so we do follow sporting events. And we do love those winning moments. So for hours now, we’ve been hooked to the Euro 2008, which just ended with a long-sought victory for Espana. From Andalucia to Galicia and Catalonia, the whole of this Iberian state is celebrating, after winning the 2008 Cup, only it’s second in more than 40 years. So indeed it’s a huge, huge celebration. Even King Juan Carlos was in the audience during the final match against Germany. One sports critic dubbed it the “Beautiful Game.” Football, or soccer as it is popularly called here in America, is the most popular sports in the world. And we’re genuinely interested, albeit our knowledge of it is rather limited. But mind you, Rhodia actually has some football connection it being a sponsor of the French Olympic soccer team. In Lyon, France there’s even a Rhodia Football Club, although we’re not too sure if it’s related to the company. Is there anyone out there in the Rhodia world wants to share their own sporting moments? Oh, actually, we’ve got one more to share: A top boxer autographed our orange pad. But that’s probably for another entry. For now, we say, Viva Futbol!

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