Sunday, June 15th, 2008

A Love Story from Nice



Allow us to daydream and let our minds wander to the south of France, if only for a few virtual minutes. As the weather in the Windy City veers from stormy to muggy, we’re tempted to frolic in the beach. Nice is the famous European getaway of princesses and Hollywood royalties. And it is where our love story blossomed, with a Vegas twist to it.  No, it doesn’t involve celebrities, but it’s as heartwarming as any romantic flick. But yes, the trusty Rhodia notebook has something to do with it.

Greetings from Nice, France. My name is Claudia and I would like to share with you my Journalisimo moment.

Many years back a couple of girlfriends and myself went on a cross country ride in the United States. We ended up in Las Vegas and had the best of times. In my purse was a Rhodia notebook. On a whim, I started writing down the addresses and phone numbers of all the new friends we met. On our last night I left the notebook in a bar and thought I lost it. The next morning, it was waiting for me at the concierge as we checked out. A young man (then) had apparently found my trusty Rhodia and returned it to my hotel. To my pleasant surprise, he added his own information on the last page!

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