Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Tokens and Coins





Authenticity is a currency that’s very hard to find. Thus, it was with great pleasure to find out about Token and Coins, a specialty shop that has a knack at incorporating actual, authentic tokens, coins and artifacts in its specially-designed items such as cuff links, bracelets, watches and pens. One of our favorites is a cuff link featuring the clock of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The Big Apple’s favorite meeting place is captured in fine detail and given an antique brass finish. It could a perfect gift for Father’s Day we thought. Another favorite is a sterling silver bezel cuff link that features a square of wood taken from the seats that once graced Wrigley. Now that is really cool! The personalized Qwerty Pen also caught our attention. And we’ve learned from a reliable source that at a recent show in New York, they’re using Rhodia pads to test their pens. Neat!

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