Monday, May 19th, 2008

This American Life


Tyler is a man with an unquestionable social conscience. From issues of immediate concern like the crisis in Burma to eco-friendly pursuits like biking, he’s got something valuable to say. We are proud to learn that in fact, he’s a “big fan” of Rhodia’s “graphed” notebooks. Recently, this blogger who calls himself wumpuscat writes about Ira Glass’ “This American Life”:

I just saw, in Batavia, a life cinecast of “This American Life.” (I won the tickets from WNIJ the local NPR affiliate) I have got to tell you it was damn entertaining. It has been quite some time that I have seen an audience so involved in a theater such as tonight. The show was a mix of clips cut from the first and second seasons of the TV show on showtime and also snippets from the radio show, along with animation, and question and answer sessions.


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