Friday, May 9th, 2008

RhodiaDrive on YouTube


We’ve finally made our presence felt on YouTube. We’re still doing some tweaking here and there to make our entries even more appealing. Please bear with us. We’re just learning along the way, and it is so much fun to discover new things, and to realize that we can actually do it. Our first RhodiaDrive interview, posted two entries below, was with the founder of the Chicago Pen Show, Don Lavin. Don is an attorney, but we could see he’s a pen collector by heart. We’ll be posting the second part of his interview soon. So watch out! Our second interviewee was Sam Fiorella of Pendemonium. Amidst the hustle and bustle at the show, we managed to corner Pam and asked her about her true passion. Sam co-owns the Pendemonium shop in Fort Madison, Iowa with Frank Fiorella. In another video post above, we’re also introducing you Nicholas Frederick, a true pen craftsman, who came all the way from Arizona to attend his first Chicago Pen Show. Nicholas owns Frederick Pens. We are downloading and editing more videos of the show as of this writing, and we’ll post them at the soonest possible time.


Mr. Don Lavin being interviewed by RhodiaDrive, with Keith Saransky, curator of a museum that is being built in Chicago, solely for the purpose of highlighting the history of writing.


RhodiaDrive interview with Sam of Pendemonium.

Flickr Photos courtesy of Notebookism.

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