Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Flickr Friday: It’s A Pug’s Life


Alas! We found our Rhodia dog. In fact two Rhodia dogs, Polly and Gretel, our two adorable pugs from the Emerald City. Two weeks ago, we noticed that most, if not all, of our featured Rhodia pets are cats. While we admit our feline fascination, we were quite sure we could find a canine version. We weren’t just sure how soon. Pretty soon, it turned out. Our two featured pugs are owned by Andrew from Seattle. On his Flickr, Mr. Rogers, aka “asr-cascadian” details the life and times of these two pudgy creatures, from Polly’s trip to a Pug Gala to Gretel’s penchant for people-watching from their living-room window. Other sets also include a virtual photo essay on a trip to Israel, as well as France. Go check it out.




Flickr Photos via Andrew

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