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If the world is Rhodia Drive’s home, Chicago is Rhodia Driver’s bedroom. Yes, Chicago! My kinda town. The City of Broad Shoulders. The bailiwick of the Daleys. And if the stars would align, the host of the 2016 Olympics. It’s many things to many people. Today, I’d like you to take a peek at my lair, with the hope that in the near future, you would also welcome me to yours.

It’s been said that the history of Chicago can be divided into two: Pre and post-Great Chicago Fire. That 1871 history-defining tragedy burned down practically the whole city. But it also gave rise to modern architectural revolution, starting with the likes of Louis Henri Sullivan, followed by the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright, and carried on into the present and beyond by Bruce Graham of the Sears Tower fame, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and many more. In the not so distant future, Santiago Calatrava will also debut his Chicago Spire, a twisting like heaven that would alter the terrain of city’s skyline.

True, Chicago has a long-held reputation of biting cold winter, that challenges the toughest of the tough. But the gorgeous sun, shining upon Lake Shore Drive, while you are running along the lake, is so worth the polar weather trouble. For maximum effect and fun, visitors are advised to come to the city during the this warm season. Your visit is also best enjoyed with a bottle of drink and some famous Chicago hotdawg, while watching a Cubs game at some guy’s rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. Ah! That’s life!

Speaking of fun, Chicago will host this week Looptopia 2008, an All-Night cultural event slated on May 2, 2008. So mark it in your calendar for our new Chicagoing section.

Are you in Chicago? Tokyo? Manila? Paris? London? Montreal? Singapore? Sydney? Wherever you are…do tell us about your own city, your events and why it is unique from the rest of the world. Every last Monday of the month, we hope to continue this kind of tradition of introducing or re-introducing your city to us. I hope you dear readers will join us.

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