Friday, April 18th, 2008

Flickr Friday: Animal Soup





What is it with cats and Rhodia Drive? As we scour the vast World Wide Web, we have noticed that a number of our Rhodia enthusiasts are into cats. A few weeks back, we might recall that we also featured one of our feline-loving friend, Taiyo Fujii. Nothing against dog lovers or fish collectors, but in fact, this Rhodia driver is also a cat person. The same maybe used to describe our latest Flickr Friday feature, Animal Soup. You don’t have to look very far for proof that this San Diego resident is a “cat-woman”. From printed shirts to her oil crayon drawings, it’s all kitty devotion. We asked her how she got interested with our orange notebooks, and we’re very glad to report that she “got hooked on Rhodia pads” after reading RhodiaDrive. Neat! We ask you the same question, and while we’re at it, please also let us know if you’re a Rhodia cat or a Rhodia dog? Or, who knows, a Rhodia fish? We’d like to hear from you guys! And do share with us your latest photos. Ja, matta ne!

Flickr Photos via Animal Soup

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