Monday, April 7th, 2008

Palm Rhodia



Leave it to a fan to cook up a new Rhodia invention. True to his roots, our enigmatic friend from Japan, Kerogun, posted a rather ingenious application of “the orange notebook with a cult following.” And thanks to YouTube, we get to enjoy his simple yet imaginative work. And it is such a utilitarian novelty, in the sense that the notebook’s cover is used (re-used and recycled for that matter) with a purpose, of serving as a protective gear for a technological gadget that’s centuries ahead of it’s papyrus counterpart. Yet, they’re a perfect fit. Kerogun’s creativity speaks volumes, about how communication must stay the same, despite the rapid advancement in technology. If you guys have a video about Rhodia, share it with us, and we’ll feature you here!

Via Kerogun on Youtube.

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