Monday, March 31st, 2008

Stellar Girl




Indeed, there is something stellar about this girl. For one, her photography evokes warm and wonderful feelings about childhood, friends and family. She captures with ease those fun, candid moments only a person, whom you’ve established confidence with, can accomplish. And that’s probably a testament to her stellar personality. One Eric Smith wrote that she’s “easily my favorite photographer in Philadelphia.” Another one says, that “she has such a keen eye for getting that perfect moment between friends.” Sure, there may be other photographers, even great ones from the city, where American was born. But she definitely belongs to the category that inspires some “brotherly love.” Our featured lass, who confesses that she’s no Suze Orman when it comes to financial matters, also blogs. In fact this web techie, who once led a team to fix the website at the Wharton School of Business, has been blogging since the Summer of 2000. One of her earliest entries is a one-liner about how she loves jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. Another entry talks about how tired she is of “shushing cats” who hangs outside her window in the middle of the night. Still another talks about conservation, sustainable development and recycling. Meanwhile, in her most recent entry Roz writes about her love for notebooks:

I was in a cute little paper store on Pine Street the other day, looking longingly over the display of Rhodia notebooks, when I exclaimed, “I just LOVE these notebooks!” Another shopper in the store, overhearing my glee, walked over and asked “Why do you love them so much?” Read the entire blog entry here.

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