Monday, March 17th, 2008

If You Could Read My Mind



It it sad that penmanship is no longer taught in public schools these days, preferring to focus more on keyboarding skills. I wonder, what will these students do when they are confronted with having to sign a contract, write out or endorse a cheque, etc.

If we allow this skill to die off, it will be one more place where European students will be eating the lunch of North American students. In Europe, students are taught penmanship in school, and in many countries, students still use fountain pens, either dip pens or cartridge fill, much as we used to do here.

If the schools are no longer going to teach handwriting or penmanship skills, it will be left up to the parents, or, outside tutoring services to handle this. There are plenty of books out there to use as reference materials to teach your children (or refresh your own skills).

And if we lose this skill, who will be left to learn the art of calligraphy? Electronic isn’t always the solution.

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