Friday, March 14th, 2008

Flickr Friday: Syrup-Tendons




Eclectic. One-of-a-kind. Incisive. These are just some of the distinct characters of Syrup-Tendons‘ artistic pursuit. With keen eyes of a photojournalist, she captures slices of daily living, telling the stories of people through images. One of her favorite jaunts is the New York City subway, where she turns mundane acts of strangers, into intriguing anecdotes of life underground. She’s also fond of graffiti art, weaving a pictorial narrative about this popular sub-culture. Whether she is in the Hamptons, or just home doing her sketches; whether she’s playing with her Nikon F (SLR) or Canon Powershot SD630 (Digital), it can be said that there is no subject she’s interested in, that she can’t turn into an engaging and poetic story.
Via Syrup-Tendons of Flickr

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