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Walk through the narrow streets of Kyoto, the ancient capital of The Land of the Rising Sun, and one thing you will notice aside from the quaint shops (and if you are lucky, the beautiful and enigmatic Geishas), are the army of cats. They are all over the place, they can easily outnumber the Shinto monks guarding the centuries-old temples. Cats, or neko, are a highly-revered animal in Japan. They even came up with a beckoning cat ornament for good luck. And here’s a bit of trivia about Niponggo, they don’t meow, they purr and say, “nyan-nyan.” If you know this stuff, you’ll understand Taiyo Fujii’s fascination of the feline class. Even his flickr ID is a picture of his cat, Zizi. Goro and Alan are his two other kids. This fat cat in the field of software development, design and illustration is based just outside of Tokyo, but his work goes beyond the border, to Hefei in China, the Philippines and across the Pacific in the United States. In one of his travels, he let us into his suitcase, sketched into his Rhodia. If he is not traveling, he enjoys driving his bicycle or grilling fish with his wife. It’s not clear if Zizi, Goro and Alan also partake of the grilled fish. Nyan-nyan.

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