Monday, February 18th, 2008

Madame Hulot



From Buddhist meditation to Burt Bacharach, this newly-wed video producer from Brooklyn, New York is the “curator” of the Museum of Notebooks. A certified francophile, this collector of “the best and brightest notebooks in the world”, describes herself as having “a Monsieur Hulot quality of knocking things over.” But there’s nothing clumsy about this girl, only a Jacques Tati-like eye for unique quality of visual style and taste for things chic. Don’t miss her honeymoon photos of the South of France, and see how she captures Corsica, showing its charm while plausibly paying tribute to Hulot. Wherever she is the world, however, Jennifer Hsu is able to spot things beautiful, and through her artistic eye, shows it to us in a captivating way. On a recent blog entry, this producer, who apparently works with the likes of Mary J Blige and Dave Matthews, writes about her indubitable amour for the orange notebook. Jennifer said that after scanning the cover of a Rhodia, “I really see just how amazing the Rhodia logo is. Makes you want to jump on a plane for a trip to the Swiss Alp.” What a way to describe Rhodia!

Photo: Jenn Hsu
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