Monday, January 14th, 2008

Back to school faceoff


Rhodia vs. Clairefontaine

Back to school shopping is a big deal in our house. We all love buying new pens, pencils, folders and notebooks. A new semester starting this past week meant new classes and gear for those courses. Going back-to-school shopping in France was an experience us office supply geeks were clearly made for.

The French take the organization of their words very seriously and you can find hundreds of stores devoted to all manner of pens, pencils and notebooks to help that process. The small, individually owned shops are called “papeterie” and sell a wide assortment of things that go beyond just paper.

Beautiful wrapping paper, cards, Paris maps and leather goods are just a few of the fun things you might find. In your travels you certainly should try and spend some time in one if like me, you enjoy these things.

There is an on-going debate for individuals and students we ran into holding very strong opinions as to which notebooks are the best. Even in my household we are divided on this topic, with me on one side and everyone else on the other.

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