Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Rhodia in Seoul, South Korea



Apre-midi drawing

I enclosed a photo and drawing of Apre-midi, a stationary shop and cafe in little French village in Seoul. A place you can get Rhodia pads and pencils while you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Rhodia is very slowly getting popular items among fountain pen users in Korea, but still it is really hard to find the place to sell them. Sorae is little french village in Seoul, probably 300-500 frenches have lived there since 1997. So you can find many wine shops, french bakerys, cheese shops, and french restaurants.

Apres-midi is a cafe but also a shop for stationary. Not many products in display, because it is a cafe. However they do sell Rhodia Pads and pencils. Probably you can easily get a Rhodia via on-line, but while you enjoy a cup of coffee, you can get a Rhodia and get doodles. That’s fun.

– Arnie K.

– – – – – – – – – –

1st Fl. 88-7
Banpo Dong, Seocho Gu
Seoul, Rep. of Korea
+82 591-9430

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