Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

A Manhattan souvenir


A creative director from Seattle finds in Arthur Brown a souvenir for his Manhattan trip:

Rhodia at Arthur Brown

I live in Seattle, and I’m sure there are places around here that sell Rhodia pads because several of the artists at my marketing agency have them. But I wanted to visit the (reasonably) famous Art Brown Pen Co. in Manhattan when I was in NYC for a brief visit, and I wanted one of my souvenirs of the visit to the store and the City to be a Rhodia pad (as well as a Lamy Safari fountain pen).

As it turned out, I bought a No. 18 pad and a Rhodia pencil too, and am happy to be using both of them in meetings. As a copywriter and creative director, I need to look at least as cool as the artists I work with, plus I love how the pad handles fountain pen ink!

The experience itself was quite good, and I enjoyed the dilemma of what kind of Rhodia pad to buy as my souvenir. I was leaning toward the gridded pad, and in fact carried one around for a while while I browsed the fountain pen inks, but decided ultimately to get an unlined pad instead. I saw the Rhodia pencil in a box near the checkout, and fortunately grabbed the last one. What a nice bonus!

I know I should find the places nearer home where I can restock when I need new Rhodia pads and pencils, but for now, I like using the one I have as a reminder of my NYC trip. Rhodia: The pads you’ll travel cross-country to buy!

– Andrew R.

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Arthur Brown in Manhattan, NY
2 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 800 772-PENS
Fax: 212 575-5825

Map to this location

Rhodia products at Arthur Brown

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