Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Rhodia essential box at Design Within Reach


Rhodia at Design Within Reach

From brainstorms to “buy milk” everything captured in a Rhodia pad feels a little more special. The key is the paper. Acid-free, extra-white and covered with a grid, it has an exceptionally smooth surface that’s a pleasure to write on with a variety of pens and pencils. Even a fan of fountain pens will not be disappointed. The familiar orange design with two fir trees has remained unchanged since the 1930s and the scored folding cover is a long-time favorite of architects and writers who like how it stays out of their way while they work. The top of each sheet is micro-perforated and the pages that are removed can be stored in the Rhodia box. The set includes a Rhodia Box, four Rhodia pads of various sizes and two Rhodia pencils that are triangulated so they won’t roll away. The paper used in Rhodia pads is made from pulp from FSC certified sustainable forests. Made in France.

Rhodia essential box at Design Within Reach

Rhodia: The Essential Box (L’Essentiel)

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