Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Helping turn war into peace


Sudan police

In Canada, like most Western countries, police are trained in the art of note-taking, knowing that every word they write could be used in a court case. Here, police notebooks are professional-looking, compact pads with helpful reminders about the rights and cautions given to an accused person.

Robert Fox, one of two Halifax Regional Police officers attached to the United Nations mission in war-torn Sudan, discovers that in the Sudanese village of Yei, even finding children’s notebooks and pencils is a task.

During one course, Fox insisted on providing the trainees with notebooks. He got the budget from the mission and bought two children’s notepads and pencils for each of his students.

Then he set to work explaining the importance of writing down the statements of witnesses, accused persons and victims of crime.

Read the full story at The Halifax Daily News

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