Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Magic pencil


Rhodia pencils

I received my order of pencils, and I am very happy with them. Of course, I really like the Rhodia. I would like to order a box of them when they come in.

I taught English classes to children at the junior high, senior high, and college levels for about thirty years. Every once in a while when shopping, I would come across some high quality pencils, I would buy a box and then display it proudly on my desk at school.

Whenever I had to sign a hall pass or tardy slip, I would reach for the box and pull one of the pencils out with such flair and drama, everyone in the class would turn their eyes to me to see what I was up to. Invariably, one of my students would ask what kind of pencil I had, and I would cup my hands together at my lips and project an echoing whisper out to the class, “Magic. It’s a magic pencil.”

Christopher K writes to Don at PencilThings

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