Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

My 9/11 relic


Dallas Morning News reporter Rod Dreher shows us a notebook page upon which he was taking notes from man-on-the-street interviews as the first tower collapsed.

911 notebook

Here is an image of my reporter’s notebook page on which I recorded the moment the first of the Twin Towers went down. I was standing on the Brooklyn Bridge interviewing people. You can see some of those quotes at the top of the page (e.g., “This is Tom Clancy. This is unbelievable.”). Then, under a line I’d drawn midway the page, you’ll see a jittery line fading away toward the bottom. I’d had pen to paper when the tower collapsed. I literally fell backward as my knees started to give out. Then, in my panicked scrawl, these observations:

explosion, fell to ground

people on bridge sobbing, one woman

it’s not there anymore!

It collapsed!

Via D Frontburner
Image © The Dallas Morning News.

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