Friday, August 31st, 2007

Almost smells perfumed


Rhodia box

… I like the Rhodia notebooks a great deal. I think that probably I will write much more of my fiction longhand in the Rhodia–they just seem to invite “rough drafts” and I’m using the pencil in THESE–somehow they invite it more (I noticed, I suppose, because I had no pencils in house and was suddenly compelled to go and buy some). Liking this as I am, I’m surprised that I don’t want any mechanical pencils (usually I’d have some excuse to rush out and buy these things)–but number 2 pencils are really rather perfect as the are. I was actually waxing nostalgia over the things–but really I have been having an enormous amount of fun here–try it!

A lot of people seem to think of Rhodia as a less expensive habit, but it’s pretty comparable because they are relatively thin, like legal pads. They are just as wonderful, but for completely different reasons. And Clairefontaine paper (owned by the same company) I think almost smells perfumed. So I was walking around smelling notebooks and found that some do not–you may not want to do this because the store owner was giving me some pretty cautious looks. So I explained and then we were walking around smelling the Clairefontaine together!

So I’ve gone eclectic. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Sophie Brown shares her story at Notebookism’s Blank Page #56

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