Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Rhodia, Ligne Claire and Thundering Typhoons!


La Femme de la Ligne Claire

La Femme de la Ligne Claire

This rosy lady is one of the first from my new Rhodia series of prints, so called because they are all developed from sketches in my new favourite notepad – a Rhodia No.16.

I am tres particular about my materials, even the seemingly unremarkable. You want to use something other than a Staedtler HB and a chewed Bic biro? Psh… And one of my most loved materials has to be continental-style squared paper. Few British stationers carry it, so our French family holidays include choosing very special squared pads for the inevitable Holiday Diaries. I can’t explain the simple joy of writing and sketching on nostalgic gridded paper…

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