Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Plotastic gear


In his words, Mark is one of those “struggling” first-time novelists who can’t decide what his first novel should be.

He keeps changing his mind. One day he thinks he’s writing a thriller, the next day it’s a satire. He needs motivation, so he made a blog and asks readers to tell him what to write about. He’s set himself a deadline: 100,000 words in 6 months, and readers will get the lowdown on the progress; putting a word counter soon, just to make sure.

Rhodia top wirebound padsAnd he uses a Rhodia wirebound pad to write his first novel!

The gear is incredibly important. I am committed to writing the first draft by hand, which means NOTEBOOKS. God, I love notebooks. So here is my notebook of choice: the Rhodia wirebound tablet. If you have never used one of these I recommend it highly, for a number of reasons. First, it’s a tablet, so the binding doesn’t get in your way. Rhodia paper is also of the highest quality. These tablets have a very sturdy backboard, for writing on one’s lap or cramped spaces. And the wire binding is double-looped, ensuring that snags are a thing of the past.

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