Monday, June 18th, 2007

Focus on Rhodia pencils


Rhodia signature pencils
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Rhodia has been thinking about making a pencil for a while and it became a reality when the Rhodia Treasure Box was launched. The Rhodia pencil has an orange triangular body with a black ferrule and eraser. It is made from linden wood dyed into a black color. (Sculptors prize the linden wood because its uniform grain enable them to carve out intricate patterns without cracking the wood.) Rhodia pencils have a medium grade lead (HB), which is equivalent to US #2, suitable for most tasks involving writing or scribbling.

With the tremendous success of these pencils and to play with the two famous opposite colors of the brand, Black and Orange, Rhodia is planning to develop a black version of the Rhodia pencil (black body stamped with the orange Rhodia logo). This idea is consistent with the Classic Rhodia Collection where each orange notebook has a black counterpart.

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