Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Faceoff: Ampad vs. Rhodia


Ampad vs. Rhodia

I desired a small notebook similar in size to the $18 Moleskine, but more practical and affordable. For example, I like spiral binding. It’s very practical, and you can tear out a sheet if you need to. So without further ado, here is my comparison of an Ampad Gold Fibre Notebook with a Rhodia Advanced Notepad.

The pads are opened up. The Waterman Green ink clashes with the green and cyan color scheme of the Ampad, but beautifully compliments the orange and purple color scheme of the Rhodia. What’s written on the pages? On the Ampad are the calculations used for this comparsion. On the Rhodia is a blog post about fitness clubs. Too bad there’s no way to transfer the blog post to the blog without having to manually type it. Maybe a notebook computer would be more useful?

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the Ampad Gold Fibre 5 x 7″ notebook. As I wrote above, in the past I have found this brand to have the best quality paper, but someone at Ampad decided to put an inferior grade of paper into this product. The paper is rougher and thinner than what’s in the last 8 1/2 x 11 1/2″ notepad I purchased. The ink from my Pelikan M200 fountain pen bleeds through the paper of the 5 x 7″ notebook. Someone at Ampad must have said “hey, let’s save a few cents and put cheaper paper into the 5 x 7″ notebook. The consumer will be too stupid to notice the difference.” Well this consumer has noticed the difference, and now I’m telling the whole world.

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