Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Rhodia is French for posh-paper


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According to Style Dash, that is:

    “Cult-following” usually applies to the devoted fans of movies, rock bands and couture clothing, not notepads. But if there was ever a notepad out there that had something that could be equated to a cult-following, it would be for Rhodia notepads. The hip-set of scientists (yes, there are hip scientists out there, somewhere, I think….), architects, designers, even writers, have all ditched the yellow legal pad in favor of these handy functional workbooks. Produced in France, the velum-sheeted, graph paper pads have a distinctive, bright orange cover, which can easily be spotted from a distance — think of it as “flare orange” for cool. With 80 sheets of micro-perforated paper, you’ll have plenty of room for your schematics (if you’re a scientist) or for your grocery lists (if you’re like the rest of us).

Anne Metz reports for Style Dash

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