Friday, February 23rd, 2007

The Ideal Legal Pad



Overheard at Fountain Pen Network:

I have been extremely happy with the Rhodia No. 18601 legal pads I’ve been using. They’re A4 sized, white paper and 3 hole punched along the side for easily inserting into a notebook. The perforations tear easily and I don’t have to struggle with them or risk tearing the page when I want to remove a sheet from the pad. They are extraordinarily fountain pen friendly and very smooth to use.

In fact, my wife (who is just in the beginning stages of fountain pen appreciation, thanks to a recent gift (from me) of a Visconti Van Gogh Midi in Vanilla with a Greg Minskin-modified stub nib) absolutely loves her Rhodia pad. She writes on both sides of the paper (because she’s frugal and understands that Rhodia pads cost more than the pads provided by her law office), and has experienced no bleeding or feathering, even with the typical wetness common to Visconti nibs.

Even writing on both sides of the page, she goes through her pads twice as quickly as I do – which means she does a lot of writing. Her opinion carries a lot of weight with me.

In short, I think the ideal legal pad already exists.

James P.

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