Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Notebooks with a heart


“Going to school is my freedom”

In this day of hearts, there’s a notebook with lots of it.

Under the banner, “L’école c’est la liberté” (Going to school is my freedom), Clairefontaine, the makers of Rhodia, joins UNICEF in giving access to quality education to children around the world.

A series of nine wirebound notebooks was designed specifically for this UNICEF/Clairefontaine partnership. Each notebook contains a flap with photos of children from around the world.

Nine special e-cards were also developed with the same designs and offered on its website. Ten per cent of sales were donated to UNICEF for every notebook sold and 10 cents for each e-card sent.

In addition, stickers promoting the “L’école c’est la liberté” campaign were placed on 2 million notebooks with 10 cents of each sale going to UNICEF.

A total of over US$360,000 was donated to support UNICEF Girls’ Education Programmes.

Visit the website.

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