Review Round-Up—Rhodia Featured in New York Magazine’s “100 Best Notebooks” List!


Review Round-Up—Rhodia Featured in New York Magazine’s “100 Best Notebooks” List!

The Editors at The Strategist have spoken, and not one, but two Rhodia products—the…

Claudia by Claudia Sep 18, 2019

Coming Soon: Rhodia Wirebound dotBook!

If you are a calligrapher, artist, or bullet journaling wiz, you are probably familiar…

Claudia by Claudia Sep 13, 2019

Solo Traveling with Rhodia (and Upcoming Giveaways!)

For some of us who live in NYC, leaving it every so often is…

Claudia by Claudia Sep 11, 2019

Happy National Read a Book Day!

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I…

Claudia by Claudia Sep 6, 2019

JetPens: Best Lefty-Friendly Writing Supplies (Rhodia Featured!)

Writing in most modern languages is ideal for right-handed people, as JetPens mentioned in…

Claudia by Claudia Sep 4, 2019

Should You Keep a Dream Journal?

We’ve talked about bullet journaling and the benefits of handwriting. We don’t bat an…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 29, 2019

Class Is In Session!

If you're like me, this time of year feels like new beginnings. The air…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 28, 2019

A Notebook for Every Season

Summer is coming to an end, and while for many of us this means…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 23, 2019

The 15 Best Sites for Writers (According to Me)

Hi, friends! Let’s talk about what’s going on inside your notebook. Whether it’s a…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 21, 2019

Is BuJo Still Relevant?

On August 18th, it’ll be 6 years since Ryder Caroll launched bulletjournal.com. In between…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 16, 2019

Sketching on Rembrandt’s Paper

As you know, Clairefontaine is responsible for Rhodia’s beautiful paper, but did you know…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 15, 2019

Let’s Talk [Rhodia for] Business!

Good afternoon, friends! I just got a couple of samples of Rhodiactive products you…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 9, 2019

But, Is Rhodia Good to the Environment?

As most of you are aware, the Northeast was hit with a soul crushing…

Claudia by Claudia Aug 2, 2019

Handwriting and the Brain

In my (recent) past life as a TA, I’d recommend my Intro to Creative…

Claudia by Claudia Jul 26, 2019